I’ve been using the BlockCard VISA Debit Card for a few weeks now. It’s a great way buy things with crypto + to earn 6.38% crypto back on all purchases.

I recently logged into my account and noticed I could open a Bank Account. I went through the process and got an account + routing number in a few seconds. I reached out to the Ternio founders to see what’s up. They said they had silently opened up the feature just days ago and most BlockCard users don’t even know it’s available yet.

Big banks will flag your Bank account if they see crypto purchases or deposits being made (for obvious reasons). BlockCard Bank Accounts are crypto friendly, so if you’re trading on crypto exchanges you should use BlockCard as your withdraw option if you’re moving to USD. Plus, your USD deposits are FDIC Insured up to $250,000 like the big banks.

The founders also told me they are opening up an option to “buy crypto” directly with USD in the account. It’s not open yet, but I see the button in my dashboard. I would highly recommend using BlockCard Bank Accounts with your crypto exchange accounts. I’ll update everyone once the crypto purchases are available as well.