A few times each century, a revolutionary invention grabs the attention of the world and turns reality on its head.

The 18th century had the steam engine, cotton gin, and telegraph. The 19th century had the automobile, radio, and telephone. The 20th century had the airplane, rockets and the internet.

What if Bitcoin Defines the 21st Century?

What if the greatest innovation of the 21st century is Bitcoin, _________ , and __________?

Bitcoin and blockchain will likely fill in one of those “blanks.” Many people might dismiss this idea as “hopeium,“ but the great inventions listed above were also met with criticism and doubt. 

We once called the internet a “war machine,” thought horses were faster than cars and nobody but a few men believed humans could ever develop the technology to fly. While all of the above inventions were incredibly impactful and eventually accepted, they were not all accessible or affordable at first. That is one reason why Bitcoin is so special.

In Bitcoin’s short existence, it has gained traction and momentum with the public, with the eyes of major institutions watching its every move. Bitcoin is accessible to all, making it easy for anyone to own and invest in. It is solving problems for the unbanked and underbanked in many parts of the world, showing that it is more than simply a speculative asset to be traded in the first world.

The same cannot be said for many of the above inventions – early participation was limited to the wealthy. Even with Bitcoin’s value proposition being out in the open for all to see, most either do not know about it or simply are not willing to accept it… yet.

If you own Bitcoin or are planning to buy some soon, you must know how to store it properly. This article can help.