In this video, Jake Wujastyk from TrendSpider goes over how to find leaders and laggards in the crypto market. This can be used for the the stock market as well. In order to find leaders and laggards in the market, you must find a constant that is applicable to all cryptos or stocks you are looking at. In this case, Jake uses the Alphatrends anchored VWAP from the all-time highs as the constant to see which cryptos have hit this particular zone and which ones have not yet. This is something that helps identify which assets or securities are moving slower than the ones leading a sector or market.

In this video, he quickly looks at XRP and Litecoin, which are laggards, and discusses how Bitcoin and Ethereum have returned to the anchored VWAP as leaders.

I love sharing fresh strategies that other experienced traders are using – it is very easy to get stuck in our own ways!