I’ve tried to do way too much the past few weeks, in a time when I should have been slowing down and dealing with personal tragedy.As a result, I lost my focus.

In the past few weeks, I decided that I was going to expand my footprint dramatically. More newsletters, more podcasting, a website, a youtube channel, more employees, more help. More of everything.

I really got out over my skis and I believe that it showed. I am sorry if this is the case.

You may have noticed that I discontinued “The Weekly Howl” this week, not sending out that free email on Sunday. Why? There are a few reasons.

1) I am overextended and need to slow down on weekends to spend time with my family. I always preach the importance of work/life balance, and was allowing myself to lose that. Practice what you preach.

2) As a result of being overextended, I employed people to help and ended up with a product that was not entirely in my own voice. I think this was apparent, and is not something that I am comfortable with. They did a great job! I just need everything that comes from me to be… me.

3) It came off like I was just trying to sell the newsletter, which is really not my intention. Those of you who receive the paid newsletter do not need a summary of everything I did for the past week. It’s not adding value, which is what I want to focus on.

All of that said, we are going back to the way things were. I am focused on providing quality content for you guys. I just want to help make you better investors and traders in whatever manner I can. I want to help advance crypto into the mainstream. I want to see adoption and for all of us to grow happy and wealthy together.

I don’t need more subscribers or more products to do that for now, so know that I am fully focused on making this the best newsletter possible for those of you who choose to be members. I appreciate each and every one of you more than I can properly express.