I use RoundlyX to buy small amounts of Bitcoin every single day. They automatically round up my credit card purchases (with 10x multiplier) and invest them in crypto. Absolutely brilliant. Passively invest money you don’t need without a thought. Further, they have integrated with Voyager (see above) to offer commission-free purchases.

Rewards Code: WOLF

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This is my primary exchange for trading alt coins in the United States. It is available in most states.

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Concierge Phone Service for Americans that protects your from SIM Swaps and other phone related hacks. I cannot stress enough how amazing this service is.

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I use this platform more than any other and have the top tier account (yes, I paid). This is where I do all of my charting and TA and set my alarms to let me know when to check a chart. If you are not using TV, you are not a trader!

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